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I’m concerned about my child becoming addicted to social media, do you have features to prevent this?

With Grom being a family-created platform invented by kids, we see this issue first-hand. Therefore we have implemented many features to prevent social media and smartphone addiction in kids and teens. We try our best to promote positivity, staying active, and mental health awareness on our platform. 

Time reminders in feed

We know how concerning it is for a child to be addicted to scrolling a feed. With our screen time messaging, your child will periodically be reminded to take a break from their devices after a period of time scrolling the feed.

Set a time limit in parent monitoring

If the built in messaging isn’t enough, you can set a custom time limit for your child through the parent experience. In order to do this:

  • Open Grom and sign into your parent account.
  • Select the child you want to set a screen time limit for. 
  • Tap Info and Settings under the Profile tab
  • Select Time Limit
  • Tap the time limit box, by default it will say None.
  • Use the draggable selector to choose a daily time limit.
  • If you want to choose certain time limits for different days, you can do so by tapping Customize Days at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Done

Who should I contact if we’re worried about something on Grom?

You can always reach out to a staff member by emailing

If there’s something specific on the platform such as a message, comment, post, or profile, you can report it within the app and our staff will review it.

What are you doing to make Grom even safer for young people in the future?

We are always taking the highest consideration for the children on our platform by keeping up to date on all of the latest safety features and trends. Our staff diligently researches new ways to prevent bad content from reaching the platform and are informed by our partners at COPPA and KidSafe to meet the latest requirements for certification. 

My child is upset about hurtful comments on Grom – what action can you take?

At Grom, we do not tolerate bullying or hate speech in any form or fashion. Please have the user report the specific message, comment, or post. You can also report the user from their profile page.

A Grom user is putting pressure on my child / student to do something risky (e.g. take part in a dare) – what should I do?

Please make sure to have your child report this user to our staff via tapping the three dots on their account page. Be sure to take screenshots where necessary in case we reach out for further information. Your child may also block users that they are uncomfortable with by using the same menu that they block users from.

What information do I need to submit when they sign up on Grom?

On Grom, kids are only required to provide a 

  • Username 
  • Password
  • Birthdate. 

They can optionally select some interests to curate their video feed if they choose.

Parent sign up requires a(n) 

  • Email
  • full name
  • birthdate
  • password. 
What safety tools do you have in place on Grom?

At Grom, we are proud to show parents our robust, 5 layer safety system. Our safety features ensure that your child is safe from unsafe or inappropriate content, bullying, and more.

Age Verification

  • Every user on the app is age-verified through a video submission process called Parent Authorization. Parents will record a short video with their child authorizing them to use the platform.

Content Filtering

  • Every bit of user-generated content from photos to text goes through a content filtering system at WebPurify. All the content is run through a moderation process.

Staff Moderation

  • Our staff of trained and background-checked personnel give this content a second round of human moderation for any bad or “too personal” content that may be shared.

User Reports

  • All content in the app can be reported by a user to alert our staff to double check this content and review it against our policies.

Parent Monitoring

  • With our parenting experience, parents have the ability to monitor and control their child’s Grom Social account on the app.

Do you provide online safety advice to your younger users?

At Grom, safety is absolutely paramount to the experience we deliver. With our Digital Citizenship Licensing Program (DCL), your child can learn all about keeping themselves safe while they begin their internet journey. In the DCL, we cover 

  • Oversharing Online
  • Digital Footprints
  • Sharing of Personal Information
  • “By Kids for Kids” Messaging
  • Quick, Easy and Fun
  • Entertaining Videos with Q/A
  • Age Appropriate Learning
  • Cyberbullying Awareness

Additionally, we feature special safety messaging throughout the app to remind kids of safe practices while they navigate our platform.

How do I report something concerning on Grom?

You can report any specific user, post, direct message, or comment on Grom, and it’s really easy to do so. 

Reporting a User:

If you see a concerning user on Grom, you can report them by pressing the 3 dots on their profile and tapping “report user”

Select one of the options, or you can choose the last option “something else…” to give more specific information on why the user is being reported. 

Reporting a Comment:

If you see a concerning comment on Grom, you can report it by sliding the comment to the left and tapping on the pink flag button.


Select one of the options, or you can choose the last option “something else…” to give more specific information on why the comment is being reported. 

Reporting a Post:

If you see a concerning post on Grom, you can report it by pressing the 3 dots that show up on all posts within the feed. 

After pressing the 3 dots, tap “report”. When you report a post on Grom, you are required to let us know why the post is being reported. 

Select one of the options, or you can choose the last option “something else…” to give more specific information on why the post is being reported. 

Reporting a Direct Message

Open the conversation with the user in the app and long-press the message in question. 

Press the report button on the bottom right. 

Select one of the options, or you can choose the last option “something else…” to give more specific information on why the message is being reported. 

Where can I find your community guidelines?

You can find our community guidelines here. We try to be as clear as possible on what is and is not acceptable on Grom. If you have any questions about our community guidelines, you can reach out to us at